I Started Streaming ATS (American Truck Simulator)

As the title says, I started streaming! I think it is really cool and I am using Facebook as the platform. I really like Facebook’s setup but I don’t enjoy the 720p uploads. It looks fine on your cell phones but for desktop users, its like ehh not so good but Facebook definitely has the people!

If you are interested then go ahead and take a look! Somehow I went from making skins for trucks and trailers to streaming the game. One of my main concerns at first was not being able to talk enough but some way, some how, I think that I do talk enough. Now, I just need people to interact with during my streams! I am really looking forward to and enjoying building a community behind something that I really didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I do, which is streaming.

I’ll probably be delving off the corners into Rocket League streaming as well on the side when I am playing with my brother. It is, after all, my favorite game as of right now. In the near future I hope to be playing the new but old modern warfare. Perhaps stream that as well? I guess it all depends on the community that I build and what they prefer. Anyways, looking forward to seeing you there!

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