Your Mom Let Your Dad Die

I am catching a much needed break and going to be off my streaming for a few days. My wife and I are heading down to Kentucky to meet her dad’s side of the family for the first time. A lot of emotions are invested into this. She spent her entire life begging and wondering where her father may ever be and when she finally linked up with people through Ancestry DNA, it was too late. Her father had passed away from sclerosis of the liver.

Had we done this, had we done that, all flowed to mind. What could we have done differently to have reached out sooner? We put a lot of blame on ourselves because just before his death we ran into his high school year book at a school in Texas and though we seen his picture, we thought it might of been the other man with the same name because he was linked to the first man who my wife thought was her father. Allbeit, her mother, led us down this path. It be the wrong one.

Hatred ensued for awhile, I don’t know if forgiveness ever came about to be quite frank but it would of been a hard thing for even I to forgive. Someone who spitefully, your mother, refuses to let you know who your father is in this lifetime, (which by the way, we only get one of them.. ) imagine it. Imagine this is you? Mommy, who is my daddy? I don’t know is all you receive as a reply so you spend most of your life being an investigator to simply find out who your dad is.. just to find out in the end, after it is too late, that your mother knew all along.

What would you say? What would you do? The cries of justice emerge. Give us justice, give us hope! This will most certainly be an interesting weekend, good and bad. Emotions will be stirred as long as excitement. A roller coaster a head but a time to also relax and clear out the brain a little. Definitely looking forward to getting back on here and writing somewhat! It seems that my brain has been all fuzzy inside with all the input and not a whole lot of output in such a short period of time.

Sunday morning will be nice! Going to find us a good ol’ Kentucky church to go to! God bless everyone!

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